Photo Paintings, Wire Paintings, Clay

A few paintings from the late 1990s and early 2000s. The works are acrylic, photographs, negatives, copper wire, and other materials on wood panel. Each piece is followed by a detail.

Canadian Group Clouds

Canadian Group Clouds Detail


Isolated Hands

Isolated Hands Detail


Coloured Hands

Coloured Hands Detail


Four Man

Four Man Detail


Dancer Hand

Dancer Hand Detail


Hand Neg Five

Hand Neg Four


Hand Neg One

Hand Neg Two


Three Square Black

Three Square Black Detail


Three Square Ochre

Three Square Ochre Detail


Copper One



Copper Two

Copper Two Detail


And here are a few early clay pieces. I started throwing pots while I was a student at Notre Dame, then went to the Banff School of Fine Arts, where I studied with Les Manning. I then made pots in Medicine Hat and Montreal. I sold some pots to help pay for my education, gave others away to family and friends, and broke some.

I’ve done sculptures, worked with porcelain, fired with salt, and made raku pieces. I’ve made teapots, tea-bowls, plates, cups, batter-bowls, covered pots, and other stuff. These pieces are reduction-fired, Cone 10 stoneware.


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