Peter O'Brien

W r i t e r ~ E d i t o r ~ A r t i s t


Greetings. And welcome.

I always have a few, and variable, projects on the go – this site helps document them.

On the corporate side, I am a communications and fundraising professional with expertise leading and working with not-for-profits and corporations. I have worked or am currently working for a range of clients, primarily in financial services, education, corporate coaching, the arts, and the environment. (See Corporate for further information.)

I have also written or edited five commercially published books, and have published articles, reviews and interviews on art, literature, architecture and family life in a wide range of publications. (See Writing – Books; Writing – Journals; Writing – Articles & Reviews.)

And I have produced and exhibited visual art: pieces from my current multi-year project glossing / illustrating / disrupting Finnegans Wake by James Joyce are being exhibited and are appearing in various journals. (See Art.)

For those who may see some internal contradictions, I can only note that I have difficulty distinguishing between the corporate and the creative, the intellectual and the illustrative, the visual and the verbal. As my friend Walt Whitman says: “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; (I am large, I contain multitudes.)”


(Thanks to Damon Limeback for the photograph above.)