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Among the specific issues of journals and magazines in which I’ve had articles or reviews (selected):

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Parachute  Can Art cover

Can Art History cover  UTQ cover

BiC  Azure


Among the articles and reviews I’ve published (selected):

Globe km 1

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And here are 100+ PDFs of other published pieces, arranged alphabetically (the number of pages is indicated):

Armstrong, John and Sarah Quinton in Artword 2

Armstrong, John in C Magazine 1

Arnoldin, Carmelo in C Magazine 2

Artaud, Antonin in Fortnightly Review 4

Aude and Lalonde in Globe and Mail 1

Ballard Fuel Cell in Toronto Star 1

Bellow, Saul in Financial Post 1

Bond, Eleanor in C Magazine 2

Bourgeois, Lorène in C Magazine 1

Bowering, George in Canadian Literature 1

Bruck and Mayne in Montreal Gazette 2

Campbell, James D in U of T Quarterly 1

Canadian Art A to Z in Montreal Gazette 3

Canadian Artists’ Books in Descant 23

Coe, Jonathan in Globe and Mail 1

Colville, Alex in McGill News 4

Coupland, Douglas in Montreal Gazette 2

Cubism, Futurism, Joyce, Beckett in Fortnightly Review 7

Davey, Michael in Lola 1

Davies, Robertson in U of T Bulletin 1

Dewdney, Christopher in Rubicon 2

Dickenson, Victoria, Human Nature in National Post 3

Dorion, Pierre in C Magazine 2

Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard in U of T Bulletin 1

Falk, Gathie in Parachute 2

Feineman, Neil, Geek Chic in Azure 1

Finley, Robert on Columbus in Montreal Gazette 2

Fraser, Keath in Globe and Mail 1

Frye, Northrup in Bulletin 3

Glover and Morgan in Globe and Mail 1

Good, Bad and Picasso in Toronto Star 2

Goodwin, Betty catalogue translation 1

Gordon, Alison in National Post 1

Gorlitz, Will in U of T Quarterly 9

Gormley, Antony in National Post 5

Group of Seven in Books in Canada 2

Hall, Sarah, Greenwood in Studio 2

Hall, Sarah, Light Fantastic in Toronto Star 2

Hall, Sarah, UBC in Interior Design 1

Harrison, Keith in Globe and Mail 1

Hartman, John in Globe and Mail 3

Haselden, Ron in Aspects 6

Hughes, Robert on Rome in Globe and Mail 2

Inscription Review for CBBA 4

Irving, John and Jeff Rubin and Herodotus in Argyle 1

James, Geoffrey, Lethbridge in Books in Canada 2

James, Geoffrey, Montreal in McGill News 1

James, Geoffrey, P P F for U of T Art Centre 11

James, Geoffrey, Paris in Montreal Gazette 4

Kelman, Suanne, All in the Family in Montreal Gazette 2

Kinsella, W. P. in Globe and Mail 1

Kramer, Greg in Globe and Mail 1

L’ART PENSE catalogue translation 1

Laura Evelyn Mooney Gingras O’Brien in Globe and Mail 1

Layton, Jack in Art in Action 3

Legris, Peter in C Magazine 1

Manguel, Alberto Reading Pictures in Toronto Star 3

Manguel, Alberto Parent Child in Globe and Mail 1

Mau, Bruce in Montreal Gazette 2

Mayle, Peter, Une rompe gastronomique in Globe and Mail 1

McCall, Bruce in Financial Post 1

McCarthy, Doris in Globe and Mail 2

McHugh, Roland in McGill Literary Journal 1

McLelland Letters in Montreal Gazette 2

McMurtry, Larry in Globe and Mail 1

Milne, David in U of T Bulletin 5

Moriarty, Michael in Globe and Mail 1

Mouré, Erin in Essays on Canadian Writing 4

Muir, Fran in Globe and Mail 1

Narrative Philanthropy in GPIC 4

O’Brien in Ann Hamilton installation 4

O’Brien large family in Toronto Star 1

O’Brien on LOFWFW for CBBA 3

O’Brien on LOFWFW in Art Research International 20

O’Brien on LOFWFW in Globe and Mail 5

O’Brien on LOFWFW in Joyce Studies Annual 14

O’Brien on spontaneity in Globe and Mail 2

Ondaatje, Michael in Rubicon 1

Pedramnia, Akram in Globe and Mail and 4

Persky, Stan in Globe and Mail 1

Purdy, Richard in C Magazine 5

Purdy, Richard Three Historical Fictions catalogue 2

Quebec fiction pour les anglais in Globe and Mail 1

Richardson, Bill in Financial Post 1

Rogal and Stone in Globe and Mail 1

Rothenberg, Susan in Globe and Mail 3

Rothman, Claire in Globe and Mail 1

Rowland, Wade in Globe and Mail 1

Saul, John Ralston, On Equilibrium in Montreal Gazette 3

Saul, John Ralston, Siamese Twin in Financial Post 1

Schnee, Su in C Magazine 2

Scott, John in Books in Canada 2

Scott, Peter Dale in Rubicon 5

Snow, Michael in Journal of Canadian Art History 6

Sorrell, Martin in Fortnightly Review 3

Spalding, Jeffrey in Canadian Art 1

Thomas, H. Nigel in Globe and Mail 1

Thomson, Tom in Montreal Gazette 3

Unwin, Peter in Globe and Mail 1

Van Toorn, Peter in Matrix 1

Varley, Fred Bio in Globe and Mail 2

Vernon, Dai in Globe and Mail 3

What’s New in Argyle 1

Whitley, Stuart James in Globe and Mail 1

X RUBICON Final Editorial 1

Yanofsky, Joel and Robert Majzels in Globe and Mail 1

Zones d’extase Jolicoeur Shoub Thorneycroft in Views 3


Inclusive list of periodicals and websites where I’ve published or have work forthcoming:

Arbopals (website)


Art / Research International

Arts Atlantic (Charlottetown)

Artwork Artists Forum

Aspects: A Journal of Contemporary Art (Newcastle upon Tyne, England)


Baeck & Call

Bishop Strachan School

Books in Canada

Brooklyn Review

Calgary Living (Calgary)

Canadian Art

Canadian Literature (Vancouver)

Canadian Shaare Zedek Hospital Foundation

C Magazine

College Book Arts Association

COMER: The Journal of the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform

Concordia University Magazine (Montreal)


Essays on Canadian Writing


Financial Times

Fortnightly Review (England)

Galerie Christiane Chassay (Montreal)

Gift Planning in Canada

Green Heroes (website)

Havergal College

HCE Review (Ireland)

Ilanot Review (Israel)

Imperial Capital

Interior Design (New York)

International Design Centre (Montreal)

James Joyce Quarterly (Tulsa)

Journal of Canadian Art History

Joyce Studies Annual (New York)

Libretto Magazine (Nigeria)

Lida Literary Magazine


Matrix (Montreal)

McGill News Alumni Magazine (Montreal)

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Montreal)

More To Life (TVOntario)

National Post

Northern Light (Winnipeg)

OCAD University

Parachute (Montreal)

Quarry (Kingston)

Raw Art Review

Rubicon (Montreal)

Sein und Werden

Silver Streams (Ireland)

Studio: Craft & Design in Canada

The Globe and Mail

The Montreal Gazette (Montreal)

The New Canadian Anthology: Poetry and Short Fiction in English (Nelson Publishers)

The Toronto Star

Thorn Literary Magazine

Toronto This Season

Trees Ontario (website)

University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Oshawa)

University of Toronto Art Centre

University of Toronto, Division of University Advancement

University of Toronto Quarterly

VIEWS: Contemporary Canadian Photographic Art

World Literature Today (Norman, Oklahoma)

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